Bonnie is a gifted intuitive and an expert in communication.

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Intuitive-Based Recharge

A gifted intuitive healer and empath, Bonnie powerfully facilitates a connection to your spirit guides and angels--beings who are always available to help, heal, and support you. During a session, Bonnie connects to your guides and channels wisdom, guidance, and healing energies for you. You will leave your session feeling more clear and peaceful, and with energetic tools, visualizations, and metaphors to continue your healing moving forward.

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Empath Empowerment Mentor

Do you feel alone, feel like others don’t get you, and are tired of people telling you that you are too sensitive and to toughen up? Do you feel overwhelmed in crowds? Bonnie has developed more than 40 tools for Highly Sensitive People and Empaths--you can live a joyful and fulfilling life, where you are in control of your sensitivity and see it as a gift.

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Oracle Card Readings & Facilitation

Oracle Cards are a simple way to receive immediate guidance and answers to your questions from your higher self, guides, and angels–beings who are always available to help and support you. No questions are too trivial or unimportant. Typical sessions can include guidance about past lives, your life path, romance, abundance, or spirit animals, but each session is unique to each client. Wherever you are right now, you are certain to leave a session with clear answers.

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What Others are Saying About Bonnie

  • Tracy Sage King

    Both in one-on-one sessions and in group activities, Bonnie is brilliantly creative in the ways she can get people to open up and learn more about themselves and each other. Bonnie is a bright and loving light who can create a warm and safe space for the people working with her. I have found working with Bonnie to be both fun and profound at the same time, and I would recommend her to anyone wanting to deepen their experience of life through authentic connection to others.

    Lacey Nabers

    Bonnie makes what is often looked at as awkward connection a fun and engaging experience. I recommend her to other people who are interested in learning the art of connection and authenticity because she is knowledgeable and truly cares.

    Travis Heggen

    The tools that Bonnie gives us to practice with are truly tangible, and it is eye-opening to see how effective they can be first-hand. I have struggled with social anxiety for most of life, and felt a shift the very first time I tried using her techniques. I see hope for a bright future for connection and love.

  • Michelle Wellington

    Bonnie facilitated communication games that allowed us to connect more deeply in pairs. In between games we were able to share new realizations and impact as a group. I felt supported by Bonnie and by the group and am looking forward to going to another game!

    Barbara Gale

    Bonnie is truly so playful in her approach that anyone would relax into her fun games of relating. She is warm, brilliant and knows her stuff. She truly understands human behavior and how to support the super-sensitives. I find great value in her ability to create activities to enhance and deepen the experience in mine workshops and others' classes with her knowledge and experience.

    David Manlin

    Bonnie’s events are a wonderfully natural way to genuinely share a connection with another person. After going to the group for only about a month, I have already noticed positive results in my outlook and behavior. If you feel like a sensitive person in a busy world and want to share the company of similar people, if you want to challenge yourself and feel like a more whole person, or if you just want to meet good people and have fun, this is an amazing group to be a part of.

  • Michael Austin Jacobs

    Bonnie inspires me by her dedication to growth and expansion as well as her commitment to stepping deeper into changing the world and creating space for connection.

    Lauren M.

    It was a wonderful feeling to be so connected to people I had just met! Bonnie created a space that felt very safe and relaxed. I was nervous going in, but that quickly dissipated. Everyone was free to share as much as they felt comfortable and take care of their own needs as they arose. I look forward to more events and connecting more deeply with this community!

    Christian Rush

    It feels amazing being in a space where people are free to be themselves.

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